“Environmental and economic issues are inextricably linked. They are leadership issues.” We all know that we have to live differently, but first we have to think differently. We can learn a lot about ourselves from the wild. The question is: Are we willing to be disturbed? Are we willing to redefine our relationship to ourselves and the natural world, of which we are part? And if so, based on what we learn and discover for ourselves, are we willing as individuals to take action and to lead at a personal level? This is what ecological leadership is about.” Ian McCallum

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 An interactive seminar on PERSONAL and ECOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP

In association with the  Wilderness Foundation, the Wild Leaders programme is specifically directed at decision-makers, guides, mentors and potential leaders in the corporate, government and NGO environments.

The project’s main objective is:

To explore in a profound manner the link between WILD NATURE,  PERSONAL IDENTITY and ECOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP.

The aim is to leave each participant with an increased sense of awareness and appreciation of what we can learn about ourselves from the wild and more … that the individuality and identity we seek as humans is impossible outside of relationships. This interactive, 1- 2 day programme is divided into three modules:

AWARENESS – this module draws attention to and examines the human place and position in the web of life. It explores the underlying conditions for BIOLOGICAL, SOCIAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL survival.

ACTION– This highly interactive module examines the important interplay between individuality and teamwork. By linking the art of tracking to individual personality and leadership profiles, the first step along the action axis is to assist participants to be more aware of their leadership potential, their particular strengths, preferences and weaknesses and of how they affect the dynamics of teamwork. Included in this module is an examination of the reasons why we are sometimes unable, resistant or afraid to take the necessary action or to take on leadership roles.

LEGACY – By drawing on what we have learned about the natural environment and about ourselves, we will examine the essential qualities of an ECOLOGICAL LEADER. This interactive module analyzes the ‘spoor of influence’ – its impact on society and its relevance to the natural environment. It addresses the ethical question – What are we leaving for the future generations? Including contributions from other specialists in this field, the WILD LEADERS programme

offers the following alternatives:

  • A 2-day seminar (recommended)
  • A stand-alone 1 day seminar (maximum 50 participants).
  • In addition to the 1-day seminar, the programme offers a 3-4 night wilderness trail (maximum of 10 participants). In this format, ecological insights and tracking skills will be reinforced and evaluated.


A WILD PSYCHOLOGY: Redefining Human Identity

AFRICA: An Ecological Perspective:  The Last Watch

ECOLOGICAL LITERACY: The principles and art of tracking

ORIGINS: Remembering where we have come from – tracking the human narrative

The LAW of SURVIVAL: The circular logic of life

The SPOOR OF INFLUENCE: temperaments, personality and leadership profiles

CONFRONTING THE SHADOW: the unspoken,  hidden issues in leadership

ECOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE: the makings of a Wild Leader

ADDITIONAL topics (2-day seminar):

WORK and IDENTITY: reading and interpreting the spoor of BURNOUT

Updates on Environmental/Conservation Issues

ECONOMICS and ECOLOGY: An Ethical imperative




I write to thank you for an incredible “Wild Leaders” presentation which you gave to our management team at Avis.  The insights which you shared with us had a profound impact on helping us understand where it all starts and why we need to maintain our roots with the earth, our past, our families and communities, if we are indeed going to have an impact on our futures. Your insights into the broad linkages of life gives one a better understanding to meaning of being and this in turn plays right into the role of leadership.

Thank you for an awe inspiring time with you.

Wayne Duvenage –  CEO – AVIS (South Africa)

“Thanks very, very much Ian for a stunning Friday presentation.”

Professor Piet Naude, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth


Once again – A HUGE thank you for the ‘AWESOME’ presentation. Everyone is still talking about it!

Gary van Rooyen, General Manager, New Balance South Africa Pty Ltd


“Many thanks again for such a stimulating and enjoyable Monday. It was very good to have you there and I know the whole team enjoyed it. Your course was extremely valuable …

Jeremy Soboil, Managing Director ( ERM Southern Africa)


“It was a great reminder to me that everything was deeply connected and that I needed to look for answers inside myself. Like Gandhi says I need to be the change I want to see in the world.

Tom McLaughlin, Good Business Journeys Manager, WOOLWORTHS FOODS