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Words as mortar…

Ian McCallum is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and analytical psychologist, as well as a specialist wilderness guide, an author and a poet. His special interests focus on evolutionary theory, human ecology and the animal-human interface (what we learn about ourselves from the animals) and astronomy. He is the Writer/Poet for the ‘UNTAMED’ exhibition which was exhibited from 2010-2012 at the world-renowned Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa. UNTAMED is currently being repackaged for future exhibitions locally and internationally.  UNTAMED explores the lost balance between humankind and nature. Interspersed with McCallum’s prose and poetry, UNTAMED is a collaborative exhibition between Dylan Lewis, Enrico Daffonchio and Ian.


UNTAMED visitor reviews

Your words resonate very deeply with me and the sentiments you express through your poetry are very close to my own, although more eloquently articulated than I could ever manage.

Kiara Spencer-Smith Australia

Totally inspired by the sculptures and poetry.

Jennifer White

I was moved and inspired your joint exhibition with Dylan Lewis.

Di Koch

Your poetry and exhibition in Kirstenbosch is etched on my mind…great art and therapy.

John Malloy

I love them. I’m so glad I have been to Africa as this enabled me to connect with the poems on a different level than would have previously been possible. I love “Walkabout” – very Australian title and I can relate to the journey!!

Fiona Fielding

We were deeply moved by the ‘Untamed’ exhibition, and particularly by your poetry.

Andy Morton