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UNTAMED is available in Adobe PDF format. Take your copy with you where ever you go! Can be read on your netbook and other portable devices.

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These poems are a voice for wild animals, for the wild areas of the world and for the wild parts of the human psyche. We have forgotten where we come from… that we are biologically and psychologically bound to the Earth and to all living things… that we are part of the web of life.

As for the human psyche and its relationship to our animal origins, I have two questions: whose permission are we waiting for to enter that ‘uncertain ground’ where the voice of our wild relatives can be heard? How long is it going to take to acknowledge that there is indeed a menagerie within each of us… a wold, a hyena, a lion… a wild man and a wild woman?

We can learn a lot about ourselves from the wild. And we can learn something else… we can learn how to give back. We can discover the meaning of relationships. Ian McCallum